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The Steiner Online Library is a donation-based service. Please consider contributing to help spread this information to fellow researchers and students of Rudolf Steiner. Together, in these times of turmoil, we can ensure this digital library survives for future generations.


"In the age of natural science, since about the middle of the nineteenth century, the civilized activities of mankind are gradually sliding downward, not only into the lowest regions of nature, but even beneath nature. Technical science and industry become sub-nature. This makes it urgent for man to find in conscious experience a knowledge of the spirit, wherein he will rise as high above nature as in his sub-natural technical activities he sinks beneath her. He will thus create within him the inner strength not to go under."

—Rudolf Steiner,
from his last published communication, Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts, No. 183-4.

Spiritual Exercises

Calendar of the Soul

In 1912 Rudolf Steiner offered a “calendar of the soul” with weekly verses that express how the changing seasons in both the outer natural world and our inner lives help humanity evolve. Download and read the verses in four translations with commentary by Eloise Krivosheia of the Los Angeles Branch of the Anthroposophical Society.


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