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Steiner Online Library maintains the world's largest online collection of the digital works of Dr. Rudolf Steiner in English. We aim to bring this material to a new generation of spiritual researchers. While our primary website is the Rudolf Steiner Archive, this site was our first attempt at making the content available on all devices. If you can’t find what you are looking for here at this time, please look for it on the Archive, which is now suitable for all mobile devices as well. We may eventually redirect this domain name to, so it is best to link to content on that site if possible.

As background, in early 2021 the e.Lib, Inc. transferred its assets relating to the Rudolf Steiner Archive, its technology and materials to SOL to ensure they continue to be made available to people around the world. Since then, the SOL team of Dr. Christopher Wietrzykowski, Executive director, and Karin Wietrzykowski, Esq., Director of Operations, have been working hard to make Steiner's works more accessible. By modernizing the sites, we will reach a broader audience around the world and grow Anthroposophy worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase public awareness of Anthroposophy, a philosophy created by the 20th-century polymath Rudolf Steiner, and foster research in that regard. Per this mission, SOL maintains the Rudolf Steiner Archive, a library of the works of Rudolf Steiner in English, and offers digital versions of the texts to the public online for research and educational purposes. SOL will also continue to translate the original German text of Steiner’s work into English and include such new translations in the library.

Our Team

Dr. Christopher Wietrzykowski
Co-Founder, Executive Director and President

Dr. Christopher Wietrzykowski has had an intense interest in Rudolf Steiner since reading How to Know Higher Worlds in 2003. He soon became a vital contributor to the Rudolf Steiner Archive, personally digitizing and editing approximately one third of the materials on the Archive. In 2012, James D. Stewart, the original founder of the Archive, asked Chris to succeed him as the maintainer of the website and announced this arrangement to the Anthroposophical community. In 2020, Dr. Wietrzykowski set aside his dentistry career and devoted himself full time to learning the computing technologies necessary to maintain the Archive. This included teaching himself several programming languages, learning website design, and becoming competent in system administration.

Karin Wietrzykowski, Esq.
Co-Founder, Director of Operations, Secretary and Treasurer

Karin Wietrzykowski is an accomplished attorney who has extensive experience supporting technology companies. Having served as General Counsel to a global consortium of digital content providers, tech companies and digital media retailers, she is well versed in corporate law, IP protection, and other legal issues pertaining to digital media. Karin has also worked with several nonprofit organizations. She is a long-time student of metaphysics and first encountered the works of Rudolf Steiner in the early 2000s. In the decades that followed, her interest in Spiritual Science grew exponentially and she has now dedicated her career to Anthroposophy and the Rudolf Steiner Archive.

The problem we aim to solve

The advent of the technological revolution has caused mankind to fall into a deep materialism. Much of our former cultural life has been stripped away and is now supplied for us through television and computerized devices. We no longer ask ourselves important life questions but instead seek authoritative answers from political leaders and scientific "experts". The cost we pay is a loss of our spiritual freedom. Instead of following our own unique path we are coerced to follow one that has been set for us.

Rudolf Steiner foresaw all these things in the early 20th century. His philosophy, Anthroposophy, provides a pathway back to a world that includes spirit. It explains how our material world is interwoven with an objectively real spiritual world that we can come to know through study and meditation. It explains the inner workings of reincarnation and karma. In whole, it provides a way for people to come to an understanding of their true place in relation to the world.

The solution: "Man, know thyself!"

Steiner Online Library aims to preserve the vast wealth of information contained in the books, articles and transcribed lectures given to the world through the personality of Rudolf Steiner.

A distinct summary of Steiner's message could be summed up by the Ancient Greek aphorism "Man, know thyself!" By studying his teaching, we begin to truly understand our whole being and its purpose in the world. SOL presents this information in a free and easily searchable format to English speakers throughout the world to enable them to carry out this task of self-knowledge.

Thus, through this endeavor to know ourselves we come to better understand the world around us and our unique place in it. We become no longer merely cogs in a wheel but rather a wonderful synergy of individual, free beings working together as a unity.

Please support this important work

Steiner Online Library, a Michigan not-for-profit corporation, is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, EIN 85-2621701. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

The Steiner Online Library is a donation-based service. Please consider contributing to help spread this information to fellow researchers and students of Rudolf Steiner. Together, in these times of turmoil, we can ensure this digital library survives for future generations.


"You can see from this, my dear friends, what mischief will be set on foot if the truths of Spiritual Science are withheld. For man will be exposed to the forces of evil, and he will only be protected from it by giving himself up to the spiritual life of the good. To withhold the spiritual life of goodness from men is to be no friend to humanity. Whoever does this, be he Freemason or Jesuit, is no friend to humanity. For it means handing men over to the forces of evil. And there may be a purpose in doing so. This purpose may be to confine goodness to a small circle, in order by the help of this goodness to dominate the helpless humanity who are thus led by evil into the follies of life."

—Rudolf Steiner,
Spiritual Science Notes On Goethe's Faust, Vol. II, No. 273-8.

Spiritual Exercises

Calendar of the Soul

In 1912 Rudolf Steiner offered a “calendar of the soul” with weekly verses that express how the changing seasons in both the outer natural world and our inner lives help humanity evolve. Download and read the verses in four translations with commentary by Eloise Krivosheia of the Los Angeles Branch of the Anthroposophical Society.


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