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Karmic Relationships VII
GA 239

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  • Lecture I Breslau, 7th June, 1924
    • The Moon sphere and the primeval Teachers of Humanity. Experiences after death. The first seed of karma.
  • Lecture II Breslau, 8th June, 1924
    • Experiences after death: in the Mercury sphere, the Venus sphere, the Sun sphere, the Mars sphere, the Jupiter sphere, the Saturn sphere. The work of the Hierarchies in the forming of karma.
  • Lecture III Breslau, 9th June, 1924
    • Human souls and their ascent after death through the planetary spheres. Communion with the Beings of the Hierarchies. Our outer world during life on Earth becomes our inner world in our life between death and a new birth. Historical evolution is borne onwards by human beings themselves. Behind the destinies of individual men are the deeds of Gods. Heine, Voltaire, Goethe, Eliphas Levi.
  • Lecture IV Breslau, 10th June, 1924
    • The effects of karma in world history. The working of the Saturn sphere. In all the Beings of this sphere there is an intense, all pervading consciousness of the Past. The Saturn Beings gaze back upon the memory of all the Beings belonging to the whole planetary system. Individuals whose karma was given configuration in the Saturn sphere. Friedrich Schiller, Ernst Haeckel, Victor Hugo.
  • Lecture V Breslau, 11th June, 1924
    • What karma signifies in the individual life of man. The difference in acquaintanceships formed in life is due to the working of karma. Karmic links formed between individuals and groups of individuals lead, as a rule (although there are always exceptions) to contemporaneous existence in subsequent incarnations. Examples of karmic connections: the geometry teacher and Lord Byron. Garibaldi and his ties with King Victor Emanuel, Cavour and Mazzini.
  • Lecture VI Breslau, 12th June, 1924
    • Three states of the life of soul: waking, dreaming, sleeping; connected with thoughts and sensory impressions, feelings, will. Remembrance and speech. The seven year periods of life and their relation to pre earthly existence and the earlier incarnation. The origin of the Youth Movement in the twentieth century. The karma of outstanding figures in history. Haroun al Raschid. Lord Bacon of Verulam. Amos Comenius. Woodrow Wilson.
  • Lecture VII Breslau, 13th June, 1924
    • Investigation of karma. The cosmic nature of Christ.
  • Lecture VIII Breslau, 14th June, 1924
    • The moments of waking and going to sleep in relation to the karmic past and to karma in process of formation. The forming of karma during sleep. Death at an early age. Therapeutic insights.
  • Lecture IX Breslau, 15th June, 1924
    • The effects of our moral conduct and our connection with the Hierarchies in the life between death and a new birth. In the head formation the karma of a man's past is revealed to sense perception. In the metabolic limb system lies future karma, spiritually concealed but invisibly present. The incarnations of Pestalozzi. The cultural task of Anthroposophy.

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"You can see from this, my dear friends, what mischief will be set on foot if the truths of Spiritual Science are withheld. For man will be exposed to the forces of evil, and he will only be protected from it by giving himself up to the spiritual life of the good. To withhold the spiritual life of goodness from men is to be no friend to humanity. Whoever does this, be he Freemason or Jesuit, is no friend to humanity. For it means handing men over to the forces of evil. And there may be a purpose in doing so. This purpose may be to confine goodness to a small circle, in order by the help of this goodness to dominate the helpless humanity who are thus led by evil into the follies of life."

—Rudolf Steiner,
Spiritual Science Notes On Goethe's Faust, Vol. II, No. 273-8.

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